Family Life Insurance Protection Help In Salem And Keizer Oregon

Most people know that if you have a family you must at some point consider buying life insurance. Years back there was an old saying in the insurance business that "no man has a right to accustom a woman to a certain standard of living unless he intends that she continue to enjoy it when he is no longer alive and able to provide this standard of living". Clearly the person who made this maxim popular did so at a time when families could do just fine on the single income of the husband. Today that is not the norm.

In these modern times life insurance needs as they pertain to family protection have changed. We must consider putting life insurance on the life of the wife, not just the husband. If either should die the income that the deceased parent earned will stop. Life insurance can replace the income thus making life easier for the surviving parent and children.

How is life insurance sold? Traditionally life insurance was sold in the home at the dining room table. It is still sold that way. It can also be sold in an insurance office and even over the phone with an email signature. Our firm can do all three depending on the benefit amount.

Can anybody buy life insurance? The answer to that question is no. Sometimes catastrophic illnesses prevent people from being eligible for life and health insurance coverage. That is why people should not put off getting insurance when they are young and healthy.

Does applying for life insurance require a medical examination? Most life insurance sold in the United States requires a physical examination. Physical examinations can be done in the home or in an office. Blood and urine samples are part of the medical examination. For those that are afraid of needles our agency is appointed with companies that do not require a medical examination to those that are relatively healthy. Benefit amounts range from $20,000 to $350,000 depending on the company that is the best fit for you.